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Complete Transport Manager Service

If you hold a Standard National or Standard International Operator’s licence, you are obliged to employ a ‘professionally competent’ person to manage your transport operations.

It is not necessary to employ a full-time Transport Manager to satisfy this legislative requirement, particularly if you are a small to medium sized operator with a relatively small fleet (e.g. 1-20 vehicles). Outsourcing your CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) holder is an acceptable method of O licence compliance and provides a cost-effective solution at the fraction of the price of employing a dedicated member of staff.

We use the latest technology to analyse data from driver cards and tachographs which is also capable of producing the KPIs anticipated for the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme. The same software can gather information from drivers daily inspections and PMI’s so that we can collate all the relevant data required to satisfy correct operator licence management procedures.

Standard National & International Operator Licence External CPC Transport Manager

The monthly fees for the provision of an external freelance Transport Manager CPC holder are subject to Operator Compliance Risk Scores (OCRS) as follows:

Green Operators

  • The first vehicle is chargeable at £350 and each additional vehicle thereafter, £100.

Amber Operators

  • The first vehicle is chargeable at £500 and each additional vehicle thereafter, £150. Acceptance is strictly subject to a full compliance audit.

Red Operators

  • Prices and terms on application.

Restricted Licence External CPC Transport Management

  • If you hold a Restricted Operator’s licence, you are not obliged to employ a ‘professionally competent’ person to manage your transport operations. However, you are still subject to the same sets of regulations as higher-tier operator licence holders. We can offer a consultancy service on either a retainer or an ad-hoc basis, this service can include tachograph analysis and reporting. You will be provided with a comprehensive administration system for both vehicles and drivers to ensure you remain compliant with your licence undertakings.

Monthly Fee £125.00 per vehicle.

All fees are payable monthly in advance. Immediate cover available subject to terms and conditions.

Transport Manager Audit

Obtaining a Goods Vehicle Operator Licence is often the simplest stage in the process. The maintaining of the licence and meeting the legal responsibilities and duties, keeping up to date with constantly changing laws, requirements and advice is a time-consuming obligation requiring specialist knowledge and skills. Our comprehensive audit of your transport manager systems and compliance framework will help you manage your operator licence systems and documentation to ensure you will never put your licence at risk and your business in jeopardy.

Our audit service comprises of the following:

  • WTD, tachograph and driver hours analysis
  • vehicle record keeping
  • Full examination of your PMI framework including maintenance and defect reporting
  • Analysis of driver procedures and reporting
  • Driver licence and CPC check procedure
  • Driver disciplinary review
  • Vehicle authorisation and Operating centre information
  • DVSA self-service information review and update
  • Advice & guidance on frequency of follow-up visits and reviews
  • Assessment of your procedures and processes for Earned Recognition compliance

If you have been advised or instructed by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner to undertake regular maintenance investigations or simply just need the peace of mind to know you are operating within the legislation, our audit service will provide detailed action planning and reporting to help you remain compliant.

The procedure will be performed at your location and a full written report of our findings will be provided within 7 days and maybe used as evidence to demonstrate compliance to Traffic Commissioners.

Fees are dependent upon several factors; from the scale and location of your organisation, to the number of vehicles and personnel involved in the transport operation. However, we do realise with today’s demands on time and resources it can be useful to have some price orientation in the first instance. Dependent upon the factors listed an onsite visit by a qualified consultant can range from £275 for ‘mock’ DVSA spot-checks, to £1250/day for the full system audit and report.

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